Plaques for woodland burial 
About wood  
All types of wood will move and crack in the sun, rain and frost. We use 50 mm (2 inch) thick blocks of seasoned wood to reduce this as much as possible. 
All our plaques are finished and preserved with Linseed oil.  
Oak Quercus robur (English oak) 
Brown in colour pronounced grain the classic choice. 
Red in colour far eastern hard wood - good for small letters and plaques. 
Pitch pine  
 Reclaimed timber strong black and brown grain. Good choice for an unusual design. 
Other woods are available please ask. 
The classic rectangle with brown Roman lettering is the most popular. 
This can be any size less than A3 or as specified by burial site 
It can however be any shape see photos. A fallen leaf for a gardener ? 
( If you do not wish your plaque to be shown to others please let us know we always respect your wishes ) 
Based on Tragen font then individually designed and laid out to suit your name 
Hand cut allowing fine adjustments as work proceeds and showing the individual tool marks of the master craftsman resulting in unique work